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My name is Angie Haugland, and I am the owner and designer behind Pangea Handmade. I make everything you see in the shop by hand, one at a time, and I love what I do!

To make many of the newer pieces in my shop (the metal work, rather than the pieces that are put together using charms and beads), I start with metal sheet and design each piece myself by drawing in a sketchbook first or by drawing right on the metal and cutting it out by hand with a jeweler's saw. I file and sand all the edges smooth and then add texture to the face of the piece using a variety of methods. After applying a patina to darken the metal, I sand the piece to create definition, and then everything gets polished in a rock tumbler (for shine and strength) and coated with two coats of sealer to prevent further patina. To learn more about me and the story behind my jewelry, visit my Behind the Jewelry page and follow me on Instagram! I frequently post process shots, and it is the first place I post photos of new pieces I'm working on.

I hope you find something you love!  ^_^



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